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The Beginners Class for the Manchester Branch is held on Tuesday evenings during the term time at Manley Park Primary School, College Road, Manchester from 7.30pm to 9.30pm (see dates on Dancing link on left). This class is taken by Barbara Handley and the branch is lucky to have live musicians to play the music.

The class consists of warm-up and stretching exercises to get the blood flowing and to help alleviate strains and sprains during the dancing. This is then followed by some step practice and Barbara uses this time to work on the finer points of travelling using skip-change, which is then put into practice by doing a dance, helping to get the brain into gear for dancing.

The number of dancers in the class is usually around 12 to 16 giving up to 2 sets of dancers. Each dance is "walked through" several times, giving each couple the chance to be "top couple" so that when we come to dance the complete dance everyone has been through all the positions. The great thing about having live musicians (as compared to CD's), is that the dance can be broken down into 8,16,24 and 32 bars as necessary for the walk-through practice.

During the evening pas-de-bas setting as well as Strahspey setting and travelling are all practiced, and by the end of the evening reels, jigs and Strathspeys will have all been danced at least once. All dances that are on the various Manchester Branch dance programmes will have been danced through-out the season.

Each class has a 15 minute break in the middle to allow dancers to get refreshments (provided free by the Branch) and to catch-up on some of the events since the last class. Everyone is made very welcome and becomes part of a large family unit.

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The musicians

walk-through of a reel

walk-through of a dance


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